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(PREGNANT HEIFERS) IS OUR SPECIALTIES The livestock is a selection of our most important activities. Our experienced staff is perfectly able to select quickly and effectively the best cattle. The selections are always adapted to the specific wishes of customers. This may concern production of milk desired, qualitative ratios of milk production, the gestation period or the morphology of the animal. Throughout the year, we transport pregnant heifers and dairy cattle breeds known to regions spread around the world, including the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa. Among cattle breeds that M.L.FARM exports, are the Holstein Monbéliarde, Limousine, Charolais, Aubrac and Simmental. These animals come primarily from Turkey but also from Austria : countries an excellent reputation in animal husbandry.


​ Our mapwork Breeding dairy cattle / dairy heifers HOLSTEIN MONTBÉLIARDE NORMANDE SIMMENTAL JERSIAISE The Turkish dairy herd is estimated at a little over 3.5 million animals. We market worldwide dairy heifers (from Holstein, Montbeliarde, Normande, Simmental, Jersey ...) of Turkish origin but of course also German, Austrian and even Dutch. ​


beef breeds / lactating heifers With its globally recognized beef breeds and a large herd, Turkey is the perfect place to provide quality animals at high genetic potential. Our company is able to market these animals regardless of the destination or application. (Specifications, health protocol ...)

Fattening livestock

With a herd of suckler a little over 4 million heads and almost 8 million born each year between dairy calves and lactating Turkey is the perfect place to stock up on lean animals for fattening. We are able to supply our customers regularly and even contractualize in advance a volume/price. ​

Butchery for slaughter

We sell animals for slaughter of European, Turkish meat to the races an international reputation and are known to all for their outstanding performance. Their price/quality ratio is probably and certainly the best in the world. ​

After sales service

Marketing is our main activity, but we can also offer special services as : PRELIMINARY FEASIBILITY STUDY OF THE FILE Comprehensive support on the sale of livestock to know :

  1. Visit a veterinarian or competent person after arrival of the animals
  2. Establishment of a system livestock tracking computer
  3. Coordination body if business building or purchase equipment


TRANSPORT IS A KEY ELEMENT IN OUR BUSINESS Our strength is the knowledge of the field in a wider geographical area. The energy of our delivery logistics lies in the ability to anticipate flexibly to customer requirements and the level of a reliable and effective management of the supply chain. The proper coordination with relevant parties in import and export are of essential importance for this purpose. All this provided that the animals are transported in optimal circumstances. Through our experiences, M.L.FARM to built strong relationships with international players. We are thereby, able to combine all the logistics solutions. This allows M.L.FARM meet the most demanding customer requests in logistics.

Means of transport


Livestock transport in Europeand more particularly in Turkey is very well organized. Vehicles (European standards) are equipped with livestock trailers double floors. These trailers are equipped with fans and a watering system the long-distance transport.


The livestock carriers can be different sizes (From 1000 to 15 000 units), their speed is generally between 10 and 15 knots. As for maritime transport, the guarantee of well-being animals is our most important priority. The welfare of animals during shipping largely depends on the quality of the staff. We always offer our customers the support of the crossing by pet groomers or veterinary experts. During the planning and preparation of a transport, we ensure that the performance matches the current EU regulation on animal transport. The objective of our company policy is to exceed the minimum standards (1.2 to 1.8 m2 / animal) by providing space and additional benefits for animals.


Air transport is carried by cargo aircraft (Boeing 747 / Airbus A300 ...) that one team "penning system" for loading the animals. These "boxes" wood are generally manufactured for single use, dimensions at the base must meet international standards as put on standard aviation type pallet. Containing them is 6 to 7 m2, they may contain of 4 to 5 cattle adult size (500-600 kg). The ability to function in aircraft loading is 20 to 170 adult sizes of cattle.