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About Us


MILLENNIUM LIVESTOCK FARM is located in Louth, the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire- England. M.L.F exists since the year 2001 and is today one of the largest import and export farm in the Eastern Lindsey district. Ideally based in "Lincolnshire" a region where farming is one of the most diversified of England share the many breeds and different type of production that exists there we do business, trading, through more 1500 farmers and skilled tradesman who decided to trust us. The perfect knowledge of livestock, logistics and humans are an undeniable asset. Our people are our important business capital. They (they) are showing varied knowledge and adequate expertise that our customers need. M.L.F also accompanies the entire transportation process from selection to delivery to the end customer. To do this, we obviously take into account various factors such as legislation, the welfare of animals, the formalities of customs and transport. We have own export stables where the animals to be exported are cared for by our staff and prepared for transport. Our knowledge of the different transport actors (land, sea, air) ensure flexible and highly qualitative logistics where the welfare of the animals is deeply felt. Our after-sales service : From the selection of animals in the country with excellent customer service and aftercare : MLF offers a unique total solution. We can achieve all this through a broad service package as well as to our close cooperation with farmers, traders and other stakeholders. With a strong team of collaborators (collaborating) at national and European level, we guarantee the quality, service and reliability. For more information on MLF and our services, please feel free to contact us.